About Us

We are a company located in Doral, FL, USA, dedicated to enable businesses to send and receive SMS messages to connect with their clients in the entire planet, in a super easy way. We offer a great REST API, an awesome User Panel and customer service.

Our Mission

To help create better, stronger, and long lasting bonds of trust and confidence between businesses and customers by using dedicated LVNs for 2-way SMS. These LVNs thus become a vital part of the company identity.

To offer a great user panel and REST API, and to be the bridge between carriers and not-so-sophisticated companies that want to use SMS, but don't have the resources to develop a complete solution by themselves.

In short: We fuel the bonds between businesses and customers with the power of SMS. And we love it!

Our Values

Who We Are

And here are the rockstars, the men and women who makes anything possible. Meet THE TEAM!

Carlos Fonseca


Marcelo Sosa


Marcelo Gornstein


Laura Corvalán

Frontend Developer

Fernando Gregoris

Frontend Developer

María Hernández


Diana Cruz

Press, Public Relations

Emanuel Mercado

Marketing and Account Executive

Mel Onoriaga

Arts, Graphic Designer

Natalia Maffini

Marketing, Social, Media

9737 NW 41st SUITE 105 DORAL, FL 33178